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The Phoenix Model
by GH Lifts

Patented House Lifting System


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Convenient-Saves Money & Time

The Phoenix is a Green product using a solar charger and an electric battery over hydraulic HPU. The unit is 8' long 5' wide 8' tall. It works in tight spots. The fast setup and breakdown of Phoenix make a quicker set of homes.  Safely lift home to Base Flood Elevation BFE. 9' floor height.  We can lift any new or existing home to meet compliance.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs




Rental with Operator

Pier Design

Change Is Coming
With Green Energy in mind, GH Lifts has developed a solar-powered lift system that operates in tandem, lifting single and multi-section homes fast and safely.
Can you set 2 Singlewides a day, with a finished floor height of 9' 
in the air?  How about an already assembled Double Wide, Triple Wide, or Quad Plex with a finished floor height of 9' in the air?  You can now with this system.  A revolutionary way to get your property in compliance, be it a new home, an existing home, or any structure on pier and beams.
e can get it done.

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